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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  February 14, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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>> live, from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> the bay area is enjoying some of the nicest weather in the country right now, but tonight, it is the perfect storm when it comes to traffic. i'm brian hackney. >> i'm ann notarangelo. streets in san francisco have been gridlocked all day long. it is a combination of factors, warm weather, valentine's day, and a whole host of events. this is how it looked at the bay bridge toll plaza all day long. some drivers said it took 90 minutes or more to take the trek from the east bay. now they are trying to get home. this is a look at first and harrison. looks like things are moving along. good news for people heading home. >> if you made it into san francisco today and the second miracle, finding a place to park, at least you had some
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lovely weather. marina green was packed today along with this park in pleasanton. temperatures are backing off of their record highs. we are mostly in the 50s right now. but earlier, santa rosa, concord, napa, all hit record highs in the 70s . that is where most of the bay area was today and will be tomorrow. we will have a forecast in the minute. in the meantime, you can get your weather on the go with the weather app. you track realtime conditions in your area or send us your photos. just search kpix5 in the app store or google play. tonight, president obama has plans to send his labor secretary to california to try to break the port stalemate. a bitter labor dispute has shut down all the ports. as christian hartnett shows us, bay area businesses are feeling the pinch. christian? >> reporter: that's right ann. all over the bay area. there are businesses with goods
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and products essentially stuck in limbo at the port of oakland. that is one of 29 west coast ports involved in all of this. a big part of the nation's economy depends on this mess being fixed. fine wine from around the globe lines the shelves of the jug shop in san francisco, but management says inventory for some of those wines is dwindling. many new orders are stuck at the port of oakland. >> there is a lot of wine sitting in the port we cannot get to. >> reporter: and it is costing them business. >> they will walk out. we built some core brands over the years and people expect to walk in and get that brand and it is not available to us. >> reporter: it is not just the mom and pop shops. megatoys in los angeles is one of the biggest suppliers of easter baskets. charlie wu, the ceo, says he cannot fulfill his orders in time. >> it was supposed to be here in mid january. now they are saying it won't be here until early march. that would be too late.
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the products would be useless to me when they arrive. >> reporter: the national retail federation warns that the economy could take a $2 billion hit each day if it leads to a full port shut down, but not everyone agrees. >> that is total nonsense to be candid. it isn't to say there are not some individuals, some companies that are being hurt by this. >> reporter: whatever the results, local business owners want a deal sooner rather than later. >> i'm a liberal, i support labor, but at the same time, it hurts the small businesses. >> reporter: as the port of oakland remains clogged, some businesses are going to their back up plan, one store here in san francisco that imports specialty cheeses from france says they will import some of their product to the east coast and have it trucked here to the bay area. it is much more expensive doing it that way, but it is a better option than sending it here. live in san francisco, christian hartnett, kpix5. firefighters will be out
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all night on the scene of a five alarm blaze that burned two san francisco businesses to the ground. it broke out near commercial street and bariessa road. mark kelly on what was inside that had the crews so concerned. >> reporter: the smoke billowed for miles over san jose. firefighters knew this one would be different. >> it is like going into an oven. >> reporter: two shops on fire. one stereos, the other, upholstery. plastic and fabric. not the type of material you want burned into the air. emergency services asked people to leave their homes. >> all that stuff, when it starts burning it releases a lot of hazardous chemicals. >> reporter: what makes this fire so difficult to put out, the materials inside that building, plastic, upholstery. very difficult to extinguish. >> and we will be here the rest of the day for sure. >> not really sure what
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happened. >> reporter: refugio florez lost his shop. but what he will never see again, is his collection of american muscle cars worth tens of thousands of dollars. >> that is my retirement. and i guess i don't have a retirement no more. >> reporter: in san jose, mark kelly, kpix5. >> nobody was hurt in the fire. there is no word of anybody getting sick from the smoke. president obama is joining the holiday weekend in palm springs air force one left sfo this morning as the president wrapped up a three-day bay area business where he attended a security summit and democratic fundraiser. he has no events in palm springs. he met up with friends for a round of golf. copenhagen denmark is a city in chaos tonight.
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police fired a man after there were shootings. >> reporter: denmark's capital city is on edge as police hunt for the suspects after two brazen shootings just hours apart. a man was shot and killed outside a copenhagen synagogue just after midnight. two police officers were shot but expected to survive. the gunman ran from the scene. that came six hour after a lone gunman fired 30 shots through a copenhagen cafe killing a 40- year-old man and injuring three police officers. swedish artist lars bilks was hosting a demonstration about the freedom of expression. he thinks he was the intended target. police say the shooter was wearing dark clothing with a scarf covering his face and carried a black automatic weapon. he stole a get away car police say he later abandoned.
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denmark's prime minister condemned the attack. >> denmark has been hit by a serious act of violence tonight. we feel certain now that it is a politically motivated attack and thereby, it is a terrorist attack. >> reporter: so far, both shootings are being investigated as acts of terror, but police are not saying if they think they are related. >> it makes perfect sense for us to investigate it. >> reporter: at last report, no arrests. canadian police foiled plans for a valentine's day massacre at a nova scotia mall. the would be shooters planned to kill as many people as possible before committing suicide. one suspect killed himself in a stand off with police. another, a woman from illinois was arrested at the halifax airport. at least two other canadian men are also suspected to be involved in the plot. investigators say a tip led
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them to the suspects. a big chill is battering the east coast again tonight. another major winter storm. it has already made a mess of the roads. a blizzard warning is in effect in connecticut all the way up to maine. it is the fourth major snowstorm to slam new england in less than a month. >> we have been and will continue to be clearing snow and removing snow and melting snow and disposing of snow. >> the national guard is in massachusetts tonight. they have called in crews and equipment from six state to help remove all of that snow. it is also brutally cold with sub zero temperatures expected from michigan to maine. but hundreds of couples in new york city had their love to keep them warm this valentine's day. they all tied the knot on top of the empire state building. the event has become an annual tradition. it started at 8:00 in the morning and went all day. still ahead, he went to prison for hacking. tonight, he tells all and shows
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the secret black market where your personal information is bought and sold. >> can you hear it? neither can we. and that is exactly the point. tonight, the growing movement putting a new spin on the san francisco club scene. >> and wait until you see this. this bay area couple married for 80
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>> it is a side of hacking you have never seen before. tonight, julie watts takes us inside the black market where your stolen information is bought and sold with the help of a guy who says he has done it. >> for a visa classic, they will buy the credit card information for $15. >> reporter: a real steal for stolen credit card numbers. and hacker greg hannis says he has snagged higher limit credit cards for a few dollars more. >> a gold card, $28. >> reporter: he is looking at one of dozens of black market sites where hackers buy and sell stolen information using the online currency bit coin so it is virtually anonymous. >> this guy could be in florida. he could be right down the road. >> reporter: id theft expert calls them card shops. sometimes good guys do shop
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here. often banks trying to buy up the stolen cards to mitigate the damages. >> it is almost like a ransom. >> reporter: hennis is no longer on the bad end of this. he is now using his hacking skilling for good and he is good. in his younger years, he went to prison after hacking at&t's website in an effort to correct his cell phone bill and took down their network two days. >> for every one of us, there are a thousand plus of them. even more than that. 10,000. i don't know. >> reporter: to avoid them, his number one piece of advice? stay off of free wi-fi. >> general knowledge. it is like our abcs . >> reporter: his second tip? don't use the same password for your social mediaaccounts and anything secure. and guard your social security numbers.
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because credit cards are not where the money is on the black market. stolen identity is much more valuable. julie watts, kpix5. a few more ways to protect yourself. always try to opt out of providing a social security number. many forms that ask, don't actually require them. and watch what you post on social media. hackers can guess your security question and passwords based on your profile. she inspired one of the mostconnic love songs of our time. patty boyd was in san francisco tonight. she is the inspiration behind this picture and the song leila by eric clapton and jim gordon. boyd was at the san francisco art exchange tonight promoting some photographty of her own which included some pretty famous rock stars. >> christy wood. >> yeah. >> christy is wearing those
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outrageous argyle socks. he is wearing the colorful hawaiian type trousers. we are in the english country side. >> she married george harrison in 1966 when she was a model. the photography exhibit is called like a rainbow. she still owns the original leila painting and cherishes it. it is saturday night the, plenty of people are out partying but you probably have not seen a club like this. you certainly won't hear it. mike sugerman takes us inside the growing silent disco scene. >> reporter: you can see it. but you can't hear it. dons of dancers meeting up on a san francisco street. part of a growing silent disco movement. >> you are in your own world. and your friends are in their own world though you are listening to the same music.
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>> reporter: this is what they are hearing. everything from live bands to dance driven feeds. it relies on headphones to keep the music pumping without music. >> i thought there is our solution. >> reporter: the concept the music to the ears of d.j.s like roby who organizzizes the jazz festivals. >> music has become noise. noise has become nuisance and people start complaining about outdoor music. so we started looking for a better way. >> if you want to be right and you are really upset about a certain source of noise, it is going to, you know, become my problem. really fast. >> reporter: entertainment commission director jocelin cane says it is difficult and the agency doesn't have hard numbers on silent disco's effect on noise complaints yet. >> the answer is we don't know. >> reporter: what the disco
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teams say, they do know silent disco is less about the politics of noise than the joy of music. >> everybody loves music. but people need to sleep. so this is a win win for everybody. >> reporter: in san francisco, mike sugerman, kpix5. [ laughter ] >> there goes my car, a lot of people try to impress the person they love this valentine's day. one person knows they don't have to. as a result, their accomplishment is truly impressive. wilbur and myrtle daley have been married 80 years. they were married in 1985 in myrtle's hospital room because she had been in a car accident a day before their planned wedding. the two held hands during our entire visit, but they are not overly romantic. flowers were the gift this valentine's day. they shared with us the key to a lasting relationship. >> trust each other. >> and get along. >> i have always trusted him no matter where we were.
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i always trusted him. to love me. and i have always loved him. and we never have been unfaithful. >> myrtle will be 100 in march. wilbur is 101. the couple have six children, 11 grandchildren, 13 great grandchildren, and two great, great grandchildren. >> isn't that sweet. you interviewed them right? >> yeah, they were delightful. a couple of their children were there, too. >> that is my favorite story of the night. this one is not so bad either. we do need the rain but if we are not going to get it, we might as well enjoy the warm weather. 72 in napa, we were in the 70s across the bay area today. probably a repeat performance tonight. boy, that is a switch. the bay bridge was backed up. it took an hour and 15 minutes to get from golden gate fields to san francisco today. traffic was, everybody said beautiful weather.
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oh, let's valentine's day. let's go to the city and it was gridlocked. san francisco has fallen to 61 degrees. san jose, 58. 54 concord. 54 at oakland. here is what we expect tomorrow morning. plenty of sunshine. temperatures range from near 50 degrees inland to the mid 50s at the coast. and, we are talking about all that cold weather we are getting back east with a deep low that is just, it is presenting no impediment to the arctic air flowing over the eastern half of the country. but high pressure is blocking any moisture we have out in the pacific so we are looking for a continuation of warm weather and near record highs again for sunday in the bay area. doesn't take much in february. and we will hit 70s . same thing down there in pebble beach. 75 degrees tomorrow at at&t. in the future cast, we roll the time lapse. there is not anything to see. a few high clouds roll into the loop. one thing perfectly clear. the weather tomorrow, sunny and
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warm. a little cooler tuesday. and dry weather all the way through next weekend. there is no rain in the horizon. that high is just locked in place. overnight lows tonight, we will see santa rosa down to 45. san rafael at 50. 52 fremont. 49 san jose. heading out of the bay area tomorrow. 78 degrees. in mendocino, 64. monterrey, 75. 74 fresno. in the bay area. 70s almost everywhere. half-moon bay cooler. 71. 72 in san francisco. 75 oakland. 75 in san ramon. 72 livermore. up north, we will see isn't santa rosa 72. 71 degrees at concord. extended forecast, pressure's on, heat is up. slight cooling all the way through the weekend. plenty of sunshine and temperatures remaining unusually warm for this time of the year and unfortunately,
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unusually dry. ann? >> yeah. well, you know where vern wishes he was. wish you at pebble beach? >> i wish i would be there inside the ropes bouncing along. but that's okay. we will let see dennis see everything uniformed. we have game duty tomorrow. the third round, we were all over it. we will get a report ♪ with kaiser permanente you'll connect
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>> got a lot of content to move tonight. golf up top. let's dot the is and cross the ts . that is bill murray serving donut holes. didn't get the cut to play sunday. but matt cane did. here he is. found the beach. and so did his battery meat buster posey. a couple of giants playing in the sand before they go to spring training in a week or so. to the pro's. that is sam play. set him up for par. he is in the hunt. one stroke back. 963. nine birdies. heading into sunday, furic leads by a shot over matt
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jones. for a final time today, a check in. with dennis o'donnell. >> reporter: thanks a lot vern. boy, i wish you were here for this weather. michael lund and pat perez are the leaders at 33 under par. after the round, we spoke with some of the bigger names. >> it was a difficult concentrate at the at&t given the weather knowing you had back court starting in new york? >> the weather was difficult. it was hard to be here. it was really tough to concentrate. [ laughter ] no, the truth was it was really difficult because, i was so divided about what i should be doing. so, maybe this is the best. i'm here for three days, have a great time. onto new york, support our guys. >> how did you do today? >> well, we played great. when i say we, because my partner shot 63. he plays out of his mind. >> here's the cool thing about doing this. larry the cable guy. i can go sleeveless and not tuck my shirt in. >> reporter: here are some of the big names that made the
11:25 pm
cut. kelly slater. buster posey. lit be a star-studded field on sunday. we are will have it tomorrow. reporting from pebble beach, i'm dennis o'donnell, kpix5. back to you vern. >> all right. i've got the nba slam dunk champ and a three-point contest with an outcome warrior fans will be talking about
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>> nba all-star week. what a saturday night in brooklyn. ballers with steel on display. steph curry anchoring the three- point contest. klay thompson was also in the finals. curry caught fire hitting 21 of 23 shots. he had 13 in a row. finished the round with 13. thompson missed ten of his final 14 to finish third behind kyrie irving. and curry would win his first three-point title in his fourth attempt. the first time a warriors player has won the event. >> can't beat that guy man. >> he is obviously capable of 37 in a basketball quarter. so he can probably, you know, knock down a couple of threes and get a high number of 27. it is kind of cool for all of
11:29 pm
the dub nation and have a 50-50 shot. >> doug contest. zach levine of the timberwolves in a space jam jersey. to be 19 years old again. scored a couple of perfect scores in the ianing. did you like that? you'll like this. oh. levine, the second youngest play tore win the dunk contest. kobe bryant was 18. let's take you from the shoreline of san diego inside jenny craig pavilion. tie the game up with 15 seconds left. this one went to double overtime. big old brad backs his man down. turned around. they win it 69-92.
11:30 pm
19 and 6. >> it is a big weekend. >> yeah. >> and people thought we would be in a dead period when the nfl left. no, no, no, not at all. >> a fun day. >> a final round tomorrow, game ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister...
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can make. you like the bed soft. he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed, plus 24-month financing. know better sleep with sleep number. >> a bunch of kids were walking around the embarcadero with pillow. the feathers were flying at the justin herman plaza. the annual valentine's day pillow fight. about a thousand people showed up. now they are wandering the streets of san francisco. >> next week, we should head down there. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast tomorrow morning at 7:30. news and weather
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